About Us

QuranServices.com is delighted and privileged to offer you a unique program, to start a kind and blessed journey with the help of highly qualified staff, well trained, absolutely sincere teachers and scholars.

We assure our students about the best results with high accuracy, our online Quran classes will give you a maximum level of satisfaction regarding Quran classes, and we adopt a methodological approach that will help you in better execution of your responsibilities and obligations regarding the learning of Quran online.

Who We Are ?

We are team of online Quran teacher eager to serve our brothers and sisters in  Islam to help them learn how to read and understand the Quran and help those who can read but are not aware of its recitation rules (Tajweed), provide different courses including reading , memorizing , Arabic learning, Quranic Arabic , supplications and basic islamics.

We offer number of courses aimed at helping muslim kids and adults to learn how to read , understand and memorize the Quran properly with tajweed, we also offer arabic courses (madina arabic course), Quranic arabic , islam basics and supplications and courses on demand

Learning and teaching the Quran is the best thing in dunya, we do realize the importance and obligation of learning and teaching Quran so we do it, we love it and we enjoy it.


Teachers of the Quran now have a platform that recognizes them as valued and prized members of society.QuranServices is dedicated to helping them expand their student-base and to empower them with the tools that they require to be recognized globally. Oue teachers have access to other teacher-colleagues from around the world, I.T. tools, marketing support and training. We want to ensure your success and enable you to prosper as a Quran teacher.


Parents can rest assured knowing that QuranServices maintains a high-level of credentials for their teachers. They are vetted not only for their knowledge and memorization of the Quran, but also for their ability to teach according to best practices and established quality standards. Only a small percentage of teachers make the cut to be QuranServices teachers. 
Your children are not only in good hands – they are in best hands!


Students don’t have to worry about the quality of the teacher and where to find them, we will take care of that!  We have a certification program in-place that ensure you get the best instructor best suited for you. Regardless of your age, you can still improve your skills in reciting the quran.

Many of our basic tajweed and advance tajweed students are adults.